Transfer 16, Week 5 .... June 1, 2015

Dear Family,

This past week seemed really long! We had a lot of planning we did for the weekend that we focused on throughout the week.

The week was another battle. With one last transfer on the horizon, I'm taking stock of our current arsenal and setting a battle plan in motion for this last push. So we've hoping and praying and working to find those steady amis that will be ready to go next transfer.

This week had some emotional ups and downs.
Jean Valere, who came to church on Sunday lost his phone and we lost contact with him. We had a rdv fixed for Thursday with him, but because he lost his phone when we called him it went straight to voicemail and we assumed he had already left for Togo (which he had told us he was planning on doing this week). So we did not show up to our rdv. We would later find a note in the institute center from him telling us that he had lost his phone and had come to our rdv and had not found us there, and that he would be leaving for Togo and hoped to find us again in the future. And thus is the tragic loss of Jean Valere, for we have no way to contact him now, he is lost. major bummer. I expect him to return in miraculous fashion midway through next transfer.

We taught two new people this week who both fixed follow up rdvs. One is a french lady named Eva who was too thrilled to meet two Americans who believed in Jesus Christ
The second is Mavis a Nigerian man who had known the missionaries nearly a year ago, who called us randomly to fix a rdv with us. He is in a retab clinic for a recent accident and leg surgery he had. We fixed a baptismal date with him for June 27th in our second rdv! very exciting. However his current residence is not in our ward boundaries, but where he lived before was so we'll have to see whether or not we have to pass him to another equipe.

Other miracles occurred this week. On Tuesday we met a really cool Dutch kid named marco, who is really interested by what we do but because we were in a rush we weren't able to get any contact any information. But we would go on to catch him on Friday at a fluke time as he was leaving a tram and we were getting on it and we got his number to see him another time.
Saturday we had a lesson scheduled with a man from the Congo named Jules. He wasn't answering his phone either but having learned our lesson earlier we went to the rdv anyways. We had his street address but not his apt number. By a miracle we made our way into the building and guessed which apt was his. (his name wasn't on the mailbox, we just chose the two names that seemed the most Congoan and rung both of them). He wasn't even there, but family members he is staying with were. In fact it was this huge family from Angola and Congo, maybe 8 little boys running around making lots of noise, but we met the Grandma and a brother in law to Jules. They let us in gladly and we sat for a little bit waiting for him to return home before deciding to leave our number. Then the brother in law (Sebastien) had some questions about who we were. He loved it and we whipped our super amazing ipads and shared easter video about Christ Because He lives, with him and the whole family (all 8 little boys-it was so funny). They were just in awe and Sebastien was super touched and gave us his number to pass to other Elders in the city where he lives so that he can stay in contact with us. Really cool!

Anyways miracles happen still, the problem being that they seem to be happening for people that live outside our ward sector haha. But thats ok.
I'm really excited for these next 7 weeks. Even though there are downs to this work, I always find myself saying, I love being a missionary. There is no work more thrilling than this!

I love you!

Elder Montgomery