Transfer 16, Week 1 .... May 4, 2015

Dear Family,
It feels great to be back on the grind. We've had a fun week getting to know the area and seeing members and talking to everyone!
Lyon is the capital of our mission and the 3rd largest city in France. We live on the metros and trams. So thats where we make a lot of our living finding when we aren't with members.
Of the 4 wards in the Lyon area, we have the more ghetto side, but the sector is really large and there are just so many people from all over that we meet everyday.
There wasn't a ton of concrete progress being made when I arrived. We've spent a lot of the week calling old amis and working with less actif members. This is always a challenge I enjoy.
Just in one week we've found quite a few potentials and we even had one of them- a french woman named Flore- come to church. She enjoyed it. However she's a bit odd and its hard to read her, so we'll see. But the Lord is definitely blessing us a lot right now. Its interesting how faith works. I think thats been a lesson that I've learned over the course of my mission. That in order for things to progress, or in order for us to progress, the Lord asks us to exercise faith in Him. We have to do things, to act. We have to. Or else things don't move, they stay stagnant, and we waste precious time.
The district is doing well. I really love being a district leader, its great to have such a personal involvement with each of the missionaries. And has I strive to the end here all I want to do is pass on everything I've learned to those around me. That's my mindset here, is to really lift everyone around me up.
The ward is great. A bit odd, but hey what ward isn't odd. We visited Fr. Girard an older recent convert from Guadeloupe. Really loving and supportive of us and fed us coconuts.
The bishop is awesome. He is both the bishop and the stake president. Its been that way for a month, however that'll be changing next week. His name is Fr. Lepore. His wife is American from Lehi. He is french born in Lyon, but was a bishop in Lehi for a couple years. We'll be seeing them tomorrow evening.
On Tuesday, we got a call from the elders in another lyon ward, telling us about a man that had come to church in their ward on Sunday but who lives in our sector. His name is Larry and he is Nigerian. Apparently really sincere and whats to join the right church. However this week he's been a bit hard to reach seeing has how its his first week in france and he's living with his sisters phone.
 The big miracle this week was with a man named Francis. We met him Friday. Friday was the first of may. In france its labor day. And EVERYTHING IS SHUT DOWN (most importantly all the public transport). Its almost like Christmas but without the Pere Noels. Anyways so the rdvs we had intentionally set for that day had fallen through that morning. We spent the afternoon going by Less actif members in our area. We had walked up to the border of our sector in the heart of Lyon. It was raining and windy and rather cold. There was a man that had been walking behind us for a while that had awkwardly been trying to pass that finally did so but I said bonjour to him and struck up convo in the middle of the rain. We talked to him for 35 min in the cold rain. His brother is member of the church, and served a mission. He has met missionaries a few times in the road but always felt to intimidated to go further with them. But he has this great desire to change but doesnt have the faith to do it. He wouldn't accept another time to see us which was sad. But I felt like he really needed to hear from us. That this was another chance the Lord was giving him. We left him with a card and the commitment to call us on Sunday. Rarely do people call if given a card. Thats last resort in street contacting. But sure enough we got a call from him halfway through sunday school, and talked with him later last night, and he decided that he needs to meet with us next Sunday, because he said he knows we have something that he needs. Really neat! I was so grateful for such a huge miracle. Pray for Francis!
We've yet to confirm skype plans. It'll be around 1pm East coast (what time is your church?) I'll confirm tomorrow.

I love you all!

Elder William Montgomery