Transfer 16, Week 2 Happy Mother's Day! .... May 11, 2015

Dear Family,

It was great to see yesterday!!!!
This week:
We had 3 exchanges. All of them in Lyon, but somehow it was still rather exhausting. Whenever we go an exchange there seems to be an extra stress that results in extra fatigue, but they were fun! I have such awesome missionaries in my district. I'm really enjoying being a district leader, its great to get to work with everyone on such a personal level. 

Some noteworthy items:

-This week we taught Larry, a humble nigerian man who just moved to france a couple weeks ago. He was a referral passed to us by elders in a different lyon ward. Larry had attended one of those wards with a friend and really liked it and wants to learn more. We went and visited him this week and he has an incredible sincere desire to know truth and to share it and to live it. We taught him about the wonderful restoration of truth and he was really touched. He's excited to read the Book of Mormon, and he said he'd come to church but didn't make it. Thats usually one fear when teaching africans is that they are really sketchy with time and rdvs. So its hard to get a hold of him and fix rdvs with him. But looks promising.
-We taught Flore, our french lady that came to church last week. We had suspicions that maybe she had some mental issues. On an exchange with Elder Lapointe, we taught her with a nice couple in our ward. Well we had a crazy scenario happen where her mom followed her to our lesson and sat in on it (which we were ok with but Flore wasn't) The tension was rather awkward. After the lesson we learned that Flore although middle aged is what we call "sous-toutelle" of her father. Which means she has a lower brain capacity than people her age and she needs someone to make important decisions for her. So we're not sure what we'll do with that situation.
-On Friday while on exchange we visited some of the young adults in our ward. There we had a little lunch party with them for Armistice day. It was a really fun time getting to know them and become friends. Even better we shared a message about the Savior that was super powerful and we were able to make plans with all 4 of them for specific friends to whom they want to introduce the gospel. It was a lot of fun!
-On Tuesday the family Lepore had all 8 missionaries in our ward over to there home. He is the Stake President/bishop now just stake president. It was a really special time that we spent with them, and they are a really celestial family. Its always nice to see families that you'd like your family to replicate one day.
And I always enjoy observing people like President Lepore who is so Christlike.
Once again I loved seeing you all yesterday, Happy Mother's day to the best mom in the world :)
Beaucoup d'amour,
Elder Montgomery
Elder Mauss and I on the bridge in downtown Lyon