Transfer 15, Week 5 .... April 20, 2015

Dear Family,

This week felt really long. We did a lot. Wow.
So starting off, monday and tuesday we spent the large portions of the days working on transfers at President's house, which was really a cool experience to see how the Spirit guided it all and helped us find solutions. At first it seemed really based off of logic, but in the end it was a really a spiritual experience. 
Now to put this all in context, because there will be a new mission president in 2 months, President needed to choose a really young missionary as another assistant to come in and be the transition guy (all of us are too old). So President had kind of given us free rein on where we wanted to go, he made the final call of course. In my head at first I had Montpellier down as my place, but has things developed I became rather uncomfortable with that idea and it definitely felt wrong. I would end choosing to serve in the Confluence ward (one of the four wards in Lyon). Its kind of the ghetto side of Lyon. I'll be a district leader and I have an awesome district to work with. My companion will be Elder Mauss a funny good missionary in his 6th transfer. The ward is kind of struggling which presents me with a fun challenge.
Now its bizarre because Thursday we went on exchange with Elder Mauss and his companion in Confluence. I was with elder Mauss. But of course the rest of the mission won't find out about transfer calls until Wednesday, so I spent an entire day with my new companion in my new sector but couldn't tell him about it. Haha It will be a grind for 3 months. Its going to take a ton of mental strength to finish the way I want to finish, so I really need your help and your prayers.
We spent Saturday in Grenoble, a city in the french alps, really pretty. I went with Elder Hendershot and Quinn. Elder Hendershot was also trained by Elder Uluave which is a fun connection to have.
Yesterday during church President Roney pulled me aside and gave me my final interview with him, which is sad. He's given me so much great advice and is really good at making others feel good. He's so awesome, and I'm terribly sad to not have my dying interview with him.
Today we spent the majority of the day at President's house for President's Pday. All of the Lyon missionaries come and spend the afternoon at their home playing bball and volleyball and botchi ball. It was really fun to get some sun.
I'm just really exhausted. We've had a weird schedule. This week will be really fun though. We are going down to do an exchange with the Elders of Corsica. Which is super exciting. We'll spend Wednesday and THursday there. Then Saturday the entire mission will be in Lyon for a big conference with Elder Neilson and Elder Kearon of the 70 who are coming to unveil the ipads which we will be receiving the week after I believe. That will be an interesting change of missionary work for the close of my mission.
I've had some cool time with President lately and one thing that has really hit me is how he is so committed to the Gospel. We talked about this in my interview. He said nothing he knows of besides the Gospel of Jesus Christ can make anyone categorically happier or give them a better life. The fruits of the Gospel are real and incredible and should really be what we strive to have in our lives.
I love you all!

Elder Montgomery
Eating tacos with ElT who we saw this week

Some of the action at President's today

Some of the action at President's today

Elder Castillo playing boules