Nicely Done! .... August 26, 2013

This week has been so fun. I'm really loving being out here. The temperature is starting to cool down and it is so nice!

We have talked to quite a few people this week, as usual, and we actual found several people who were interested....However this week alone we had 8 ratez-vous...when someone sets an appointement with us and then doesn't show, or gives us a bad address or bad phone number. Quite frustrating. However the work goes on.

Some fun stuff from this week:

I've actually picked up some Portugeuse. A lot of the working population here speaks Portuguese.
I had my first Gilatto this week. chocolate on chocolate on chocolate...

I realized that Friday was my month mark. I have been gone a month now.
Its fun living in a big city, I get to see all the places tourists don't. I've been to little french apartments and backroads and really sketchy places where people are doing things that don't necessarily invite the Spirit. But its incredible to see how the Lord guides his servants!
Alcides is getting baptized on Saturday!!! very exciting! He is sooo cool. And I'm giving a talk at his baptism.

Really cool story for this week. We went to Libèration square yesterday evening to teach a guy that we had contacted on the street during the week. His name is Jack and he didnt show up. Another ratez-vous. We are standing there waiting for him and a very evangelist man from the Congo comes up and just starts asking us questions about what we believe. His name is Eloge. We end up talking to Eloge for close to an hour right there in the square and we gave him a book of mormon and pretty much taught him the first lesson on the spot. Now we have an appointment with him on Tuesday. Quelle Miracle!
People need to hear what we have to say, and we must have the faith to find them.
My scripture for this week that I hung up on my wall:

Moroni 7:33, "And Christ said unto them, For if you shall have faith in me, you shall have to power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me."

We all need more faith. It is something that I am working on every hour.
I love you all and hope everything is going well,
Beaucoup d'amour,
Elder Montgomery


What a Nice Suprise! .... August 20, 2013

First and foremost I am typing on a french keyboard which is obnoxiously different so feel free to edit any obvious mistakes.

My week has been fantastic. Immensely better than my first week. Last week was hard, and it was something I just had to push through, but my week as been so much better. Elder Uluave's dad is from Tonga! Elder U is a great guy and obedient and has incredibly unusual people skills, as president told me in my interview yesterday (which is the reason our pday is today). Elder U and I usually split lessons 60-40. Elder Uluave is a great missionary and has taught me so much already. Our work is truly focused on members, but he stresses obedience and we always make sure to hit our standard of excellence goals.

Nice is very hot and humid, so I feel right at home. In fact I would even say Georgia is more humid than Nice.

Let me fill you in on some fun stuff.

1. French People have a very hard time pronouncing my name. The "gom" in Montgomery is just a sound they dont make very well its quite funny to see them attempt to do this.

2. When people do understand my name they have related me to some famous british people (Im guessing) including an actor, an actress, a general, a pilot, and a songwriter. And everytime they bring this up I just nod my head say ouiiiii

3. Remember the lady in the street that i contacted on my first day who just wanted a cigarette that I told you about last week? well turns out she is now taking the lessons and is trying to stop smoking! miracle! And nobody knew how she was found or anything until another bleu made the connection of me getting her number on our first day out here.

4. I taught an entire spiritual thought to a less actif guy this week named Antonio by myself and he understood it all and everything. My french is getting better rapidly, although my accent is still very annoyingly American. (Murica!)

5. We've been porting (our word for tracting, the french word for door is porte) twice now and here in Nice the suburbs that kindof resemble subdivisions (but not really) are all in the mountains and its a 30 minute bus ride. It was so fun and so pretty. I attached some pics. I love porting maybe because I got so much experience with it at home.

6. I had a girl recognize me in church on Sunday from BYU. She lived in Chipman hall, although I had never met her.

7. I have had one embarrassing language story...its not too bad. We were in ward council and the bishop asked about a family that Elder U and I had visited that was almost baptized but then fell off the earth after a very awkward law of chastity lecon (they arent married, they have three kids, that happened about 3 weeks before I came). Well Elder U wasnt there because we were on an exchange that night, so I had to explain our visit. The dad, Pedro is great. However his reasoning behind not coming to our church was because a. we dont pray enough b. his prayer group fasts together for hours in one room with all the children and women and everything and you know good for him we were sad but there wasnt much we can do. So I had recounted the entire visit to the ward council and I was content cause I had felt like I explained it well. But everybody was looking at me quite confused so then I was confused. I look over at my companion Elder Smith who is from Utah and he asks in English, they were doing what for hours together with all the women and children? In French the word for young is jeune and fast (as in fasting) is juàne. The pronunciations are nearly identical and I am still unable to tell them apart much less say them correctly. So the whole time the council thought I was saying they were younging together for hours. It was embarrassing. But I thought it was funny and so did everyone else.

So we've had some success this week. Our ami (Ami de l'eglise...Friend of the church...investigator in English) , Alcides is doing well. He has a hard time expressing himself in French and we have a ton of portuguese/ brazilian members so usually our lessons are mostly in portuguese which is really cool actually. Its quite interesting to see hoz many people here really just detest us. Like zero respect for us. But it makes it that much more of a miracle when we find someone who wants to listen to our message. And exact obedience brings miracles. We got back Thursday night at about 8:50 and decided to not go in until 9 per mission rules. We had contacted all day and had no success whatsoever. At 8:55pm we found a guy named Roy who was polite and really interested in our message. We exchanged phone numbers and are planning to set a rendezvous with him this week. Miracle!

I love missionary work. I love inspiring people. I love and I pray that somehow I can be an instrument in the Lord's hands to change peoples lives. I wrote this down this week in my journal and thought id share.

"They shall know us by our smiles. They shall know us by our cheerfulness. They shall know us by the light of Christ which emenates from our countenances so that they will know of the joy and love that comes from our Savior, Jesus Christ."
Beaucoup d'amour,
Elder Montgomery


Week 1 ... What a crazy week .... August 12, 2013

What a crazy week.

Im still exhausted from jet lag. But my french is good enough to get by, I didnt look like a fool on Sunday bearing my testimony, in fact I had lots of people ask me how my french was so good. Apparently my french is really good for a Bleu (Greenie but the french like to be different). I can hold most conversations pretty well. And i can understand most of what I hear but a lot of people speak way too fast for me to understand them and I still struggle choosing words and conjugations and then putting them in the correct order (basically the whole speaking part) but ive definitely improved.
One fun story. The First day I was in Lyon (and France), with all of the bleus from my transfer an old woman came up to me and asked me if I had a cigarrette. I said no, then started talking to her casually at first then about who we were and I asked her if she was interested in learning more and she gave me her phone number and everything....all in French! It was just a fun first day experience.

Im serving in Nice. Monaco is in our area. This is one of the largest tourist hotspots in the world. Also there is a very large Muslim population and lots of TJs (Temoign Jehovah). Most of what Ive seen of france is rather unimpressive. Both Lyon and Nice are beautiful cities as in they were probably beautiful 25 years ago. Dont get me wrong it is super cool being here, its fun to see everything and look at old magnificent builidngs and eqt in small french patisseries and stuff but if I were asked if I would raise my children here....noope. There is indeed a very large socialist mentality here. Nobody cares about working because the government will pay you more than most jobs will. The city is dirty and the people seem content to live with it like that... and the people are sad, you can aactually see it on their faces. They need the Gospel! But most of them dont want to have a thing to do with us.
My comp is Elder Uluave, he is from SLC and is 10 weeks from being done. We live in a small one bedroom apt with two other missionaries Elder Smith and Elder Call, both a year into their missions. All three of them are great. Elder U and I have a baptism set for the end of August with a Portuguese man named Alcedes. The ward is great we have sooo much support. Ive never seen a ward with so much zeal to share the gospel. It is so great being a missionary. I absolutely love it. Even in the first four days it is the hardest thing Ive done ever, this is hard. But I want to be here. I want to share the beautiful message we hqve with everyone, because its true! and it would bring so much happiness to their lives! I love you all. Thanks so much for the prayers and support. Keep sending them.
Beaucoup d'amour,
Elder Montgomery
Our address is
Les Missionaires
10 Avenue des Oranges
Nice France 06000

My first area - Nice, France

From: France Lyon Mission []
Sent: Friday, August 09, 2013 12:27 PM
Subject: Companion-Address

Brother and Sister Montgomery,

Your son, Elder Montgomery will be serving in Nice and his companion is
Elder Uluave.

The address is:  10, av des Orangers Apt 8,  06000, Nice FRA    -  (Map it here)

William's Apartment Building in Nice

(Read about Nice here)

The Nice Coast Line (click on the Picture)

They were anxious to get to their area to begin serving and did not stay for
companionship pictures that afternoon. 

We are grateful to have Elder Montgomery in our mission.  Here is a picture
we took this week.

Sister Clark
Mission Secretary


Welcome to Lyon...

I am happy to let you know your missionary arrived safely in Lyon today.  President and Sister Roney met the missionaries at the airport and brought them to the Mission Office.   They had an interview with President Roney and the Office Elders and Elder Clark explained missionary finances and their visas.  

Tonight  they will have dinner at the Pizza Pino and desert at President and Sister Roney's home.  Tomorrow  they will meet their companion/trainer and then have training with President Roney and the Assistants to the President.  After taking care of their legal residency issues on Friday morning they will board a train with their companion to travel to their first area.  I will send you their address and companion's name tomorrow.
I am attaching a picture of your missionary with President and Sister Roney and one of the whole group.

Thank you for sending us such a fine missionary.

Sister Clark, Mission Secretary

France Lyon Mission

Another End, Another Beginning .... August 2, 2013

MY STAY AT THE MTC HAS FLOWN BY. I leave for France on Monday at 11:15am, stop in Chicago, London, then onto to Lyon I believe at 11:45 am on Tuesday. I think all my visa stuff went through. Thanks for all the love! My district is so jealous from all the mail I get. Also my district is great. I absolutely love them. It's incredible that after 3 days you can consider someone a brother, then after 12 days you don't want to do anything without them.  

My French is slowly coming. I once thought that if I learned enough vocabulary my french would be perfect. I've come to the realization that French has incredibly confusing sentencing structures, complex conjugations, and minute minute pronunciation differences between words that make the word completely different that my ear is not yet able to hear nor my tongue speak. Also in French we use one word, when in English we would say 3 or 4 words, then there are some words which they don't have in French which means we have to use several french words to explain the english word. Needless to say I have been praying for the gift tongues several times a day.

My teaching has improved well. I feel comfortable teaching and have had several spiritual experiences here. Yesterday we had our "in field orientation" which is for all the missionaries leaving for the field next week. Elder Christiansen from the district taught one of my classes! My favorite thought from the day was by Elder Christofferson, "When faith is strong enough it turns from a principle of action into a principle of power" And they showed the clip of President Hinckley telling the story,"I should like to tell you of three young men" who carried the martin handcart company across the winter river as 18 year olds. It is one of the few stories that gets me to cry. I absolutely love it. I would encourage you all to watch "Character of Christ" By Elder Bednar. Elder Bednar has moved up in my rankings of favorite Apostles.

Vive la France. Courage and Faith. I think the most comforting thing is that I know enough French not to embarrass myself at the pulpit bearing my testimony on Sunday. I just want you all to know how much I love being a missionary. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to be able to focus on nothing but the gospel of Jesus Christ. And my heart and soul are filled with happiness knowing that I will have that opportunity to do that for the next two years. I absolutely love this gospel. I absolutely love my Savior. 

I am humbled and grateful to be a representative of Him.

"Voici, je suis disciple de Jésus-Christ, le Fils de Dieu. J’ai été appelé par lui pour annoncer sa parole parmi son peuple, afin qu’il ait la vie éternelle."

Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called by Him to declare His word among His people, that they might eternal life.

Beaucoup d'amour,

Elder Montgomery

My mission scripture is 3 Nephi 5:13 "I am a disciple of Jesus Christ..."