Week 1 ... What a crazy week .... August 12, 2013

What a crazy week.

Im still exhausted from jet lag. But my french is good enough to get by, I didnt look like a fool on Sunday bearing my testimony, in fact I had lots of people ask me how my french was so good. Apparently my french is really good for a Bleu (Greenie but the french like to be different). I can hold most conversations pretty well. And i can understand most of what I hear but a lot of people speak way too fast for me to understand them and I still struggle choosing words and conjugations and then putting them in the correct order (basically the whole speaking part) but ive definitely improved.
One fun story. The First day I was in Lyon (and France), with all of the bleus from my transfer an old woman came up to me and asked me if I had a cigarrette. I said no, then started talking to her casually at first then about who we were and I asked her if she was interested in learning more and she gave me her phone number and everything....all in French! It was just a fun first day experience.

Im serving in Nice. Monaco is in our area. This is one of the largest tourist hotspots in the world. Also there is a very large Muslim population and lots of TJs (Temoign Jehovah). Most of what Ive seen of france is rather unimpressive. Both Lyon and Nice are beautiful cities as in they were probably beautiful 25 years ago. Dont get me wrong it is super cool being here, its fun to see everything and look at old magnificent builidngs and eqt in small french patisseries and stuff but if I were asked if I would raise my children here....noope. There is indeed a very large socialist mentality here. Nobody cares about working because the government will pay you more than most jobs will. The city is dirty and the people seem content to live with it like that... and the people are sad, you can aactually see it on their faces. They need the Gospel! But most of them dont want to have a thing to do with us.
My comp is Elder Uluave, he is from SLC and is 10 weeks from being done. We live in a small one bedroom apt with two other missionaries Elder Smith and Elder Call, both a year into their missions. All three of them are great. Elder U and I have a baptism set for the end of August with a Portuguese man named Alcedes. The ward is great we have sooo much support. Ive never seen a ward with so much zeal to share the gospel. It is so great being a missionary. I absolutely love it. Even in the first four days it is the hardest thing Ive done ever, this is hard. But I want to be here. I want to share the beautiful message we hqve with everyone, because its true! and it would bring so much happiness to their lives! I love you all. Thanks so much for the prayers and support. Keep sending them.
Beaucoup d'amour,
Elder Montgomery
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Les Missionaires
10 Avenue des Oranges
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