Transfer 16, Week 3 .... May 18, 2015

Dear Family,

This week seemed to fly by. But we had an awesome week.
We did two exchanges...both here in Lyon. I got to work with E. Fisk and E. Humphrey.
E. Fisk is the man, he's an elder I did an exchange with in my 10th transfer in Toulouse. He's a super missionary. E. Humphrey is an englishman from outside of Leeds. He's hilarious, and we had a miraculous exchange.
I think we just exercised a lot more faith this week. Things just seemed to roll. 

Despite elder mauss losing his voice halfway through the week and it seemed like the whole district came down with an allergy cold, things went well. 

I think one of the big successes this week was the continued growth in our relationship with the members. We visited Bertrand Garon (the son of the family garon in Clermont who we spent christmas eve with) on thursday and he invited 3 other young adults over, just hear the missionaries message. It was awesome! I love that. Just have cool hangouts with friends and have a spiritual message. Later that evening we met with Nathan who is also a college student and we shared a message with him in his small apt. I love that they just love having us no matter where. We definitely are special in their eyes. This continued Sunday. Sundays are important in the missionary scheme. They are really the moment that most members form their conception of who the missionaries are. And so its important to spend every moment well. And plus we get to meet and make new friendships which is great. And it appears that has been lacking in the ward in past transfers from what I've gathered. But we've gotten really involved in helping several of the young adults share the gospel with their friends. Its so cool how much faith they have. We made a lot of specific plans for this week with them.
We found a lot of new potentials this week. Some real miracles that I'm excited to see come to fruition this week. Thursday was our real miracle day. It was funny because we were on exchange, elder humphrey was rather sick, it was terrible weather, cold and rainy, but somehow we managed to meet people who had already met missionaries who wanted to continue, and other new ones. We found a less active member that had dropped off the map, and we taught an excellent lesson to another less active lady from the Congo who should be back at church this week. Her name is Sr Kondzot, she is this big African lady with a really deep voice, but she's so nice. She fed us fried maggots...which were actually pretty good. (pic included.)
Lyon is a big city and its so much fun being here and getting that big city feel.
We're still looking for those solid reliable amis. We're just going after it!
I have felt recently a greater need to pass any wisdom I've attained on my mission to other missionaries. So thats been on my mind. Other than that its really just work work work, there is no other satisfactory substitute (PMG)

Je vous aime!!!

Elder Montgomery