Transfer 16, Week 4...the arrival of IPads .... May 26, 2015

Dear family,
I am emailing this from my new standard issue iPad. We received them yesterday and spent a large part of the day setting them up. For now they will mostly just help with studies and in presenting church material more effectively. We've not yet been approved for Facebook or the area book app. But they are fun to have!

This has been a great week of just good old hard work, we just keep going. We continue to find new interested people daily but not quite any steady Amis yet.

The highlight this week was definitely Jean Valere. A man from Togo that we had met on Wednesday that had met missionaries in the past and had already read parts of the bom. He's an intellectual. And had all sorts of deep questions. But he fixed a rev with us right there on the street and we ended up teaching him Sunday morning before church. It was for the most a discussion, he's a talker. But despite lots of his scattered questions he told us that he had already received an answer from God that the Bom is true and that he had just received that
answer a month ago. He didn't seem to fully understand the implications of that statement but we pointed it out to him and he quickly changed tones as he realized what that meant. He asked if he could attend church with us that day, and he asked lots of questions about everything and quite a few about baptism, the process and all.

It was cool and he seemed to really like it, we're going to seem him again on Thursday. Interesting how God prepares ppl to meet us. Last week we had met a girl named Sona studying here in Lyon who speaks perfect French and English. She told us that she was evangelical Christian and she was super interested in our message but would only meet with us If we came to one of her meetings first. So Tuesday evening we spent any hour at her church watching a testimony of Nicky Cruz being broadcasted from somewhere else in Lyon. It was like chez nous. Lots of rock band hymns really loud. I became good buddies with the guy next to me who was also from Togo. Anyways Saturday we fixed to see Sona at the institute center, but she sent us a text hours before telling us her parents didn't think it was smart for her to meet with us. Grrrr. It was sad, we'll have to keep trying with her. But that's been our story here for the past couple weeks, we seem to be doing everything we can and they just don't seem to turn over. But hey This is the Lords work so I'll let him worry about that and we'll just keep doing what He asks.

This week is already looking busy. Saturday there will be a big family history vent run by the missionaries, and Sunday we've been asked to teach gospel principles and the combined 5th Sunday message...haha we just got a new bishop
and I imagine he is a bit overwhelmed. Should be fun.

I hope you all are doing well. The Work here continues, and there is a reason for everything. There is no better place for me to be than here.

Love you all!

Elder Montgomery

Sent from my iPad :)