Transfer 17, Week 5 - The Last Week .... July 13, 2015

Ma chère famille,

What a week, what a weird feeling! 
It feels like going home seems really normal, and that I'll get home and everything will be exactly the same as I left it.

As far as this week, we have been busy. Having a trio has been fun, recharging, and rather stressful. 
Monday we went with Fr. Girard to see a suffering friend of another member. The friends name is Denise, and when her member friend told her about blessings she asked for one. So we went over and explained what blessings are and then pronounced one of health upon her. There was a strong spirit there and the life auxiliary who was there asked us if she could come to church to understand more...haha it was wonderful!
Tuesday we got to teach Emmanuelle and Steve the friends of the Stake President's family that I told you about. They are a super fun young couple. They love the USA haha. They are both really open to the idea of becoming members of the church. But are understandably feeling some doubt and nervousness about it. Emmanuelle is traditionally catholic and is a bit more nervous to make the change. They asked President Lepore to do a marriage service for them because the catholic church won't do because Emmanuelle has already been married and divorced. But they both love us. Steve is really cool and open and wants to learn more. So we'll be going back to see them on Thursday.
Wednesday we took the hour and a half train up to Chalon sur Saone to do our exchange with Elder Lapointe and Elder Brill. I spent the day with Elder Brill and it was a blast.
We came back down to Lyon Thursday morning for district meeting which we held at the Ecully chapel in Lyon. (not our normal chapel). We held it there in order to have enough room for Elder Dupre's and Elder Elvidge's districts to be there as well, so we could all have lunch together. IT was so much fun. District meeting went incredibly well. My last great sermon. I taught all of my favorite doctrines that I felt were the most influential on my mission according to the direction of the spirit. District meetings are 2 hours and I have 10 other members in my district that attended plus one of the zone leaders. It was wonderful and I loved it. Elder Elvidge and Elder Dupre are two of my closest friends in the mission field and they will be finishing with me next week. And they were both former Assistants, so it was fun to have 3 district meetings being done with my friends who I look up to so much.
After that I did a day exchange with Elder Thorne in my district, he is awesome.
Friday we had a day exchange with the Zone leaders I was with Elder Barnes.
Yesterday at church was the first official missionary sacrament meeting. The bishop asked us to choose 3 speakers to speak on missionary work. He asked me to join him on the stand for the sacrament meeting to introduce the theme and the speaker. The members were super kind as word spread that Elder Ardeche and I would be finishing next week and we received several invitations this week. 

As the continued comments and questions about returning home, I've come to respond that I'm excited to go home and excited to finish strong. But as this week went on I had several moments when I felt the Spirit very strongly and my thoughts turned to not having the nametag anymore. I can not and could not escape the fact that I am sad to leave this glorious position and responsibility that the Lord has granted to me. As I have written to you so many times, I do LOVE being a missionary. I LOVE being a messenger of the Lord. I LOVE helping others feel and recognize the Spirit and in effect the Love of the Lord. There is no better feeling than knowing that someone has been profoundly changed because the Lord used me as an instrument, there is no greater satisfaction than knowing that I hastily and faithfully followed a prompting and receiving the confirming witness of the Spirit that the Lord is smiling on us as we complete what He would do if He were in our place.
I LOVE the Gospel, I LOVE my Heavenly Father, and my Savior Jesus Christ. I LOVE being in their service, I've never felt a joy so real as the joy of serving and helping and loving those around me as children of God. I know these things are real.
An eternal thank you for all you have done for me and for the numerous prayers on my behalf you have given in the past two years. I LOVE you all.

A très bientôt,

Elder William Montgomery
Elder Ardeche is really French...haha

Elder brill and I on exchange in Chalon

At the train station with elder brill

The Confluence district

Elder elvidge and elder dupre

With elder haws one of the zone leaders in Lyon

Elder thorne  and I eating pastries

The ami board in our apt.

The big map by our apt