Transfer 17, Week 4 ...... July 6, 2015

Ma chère famille,

Lots of interesting stuff to tell you about. To give a quick overview of the week. It was extremely hot. We were sitting at 40 degrees C almost all week and even during the night it was suffocating. And France doesn't believe in air conditioning...haha I think that should be a requirement for a first world country. Nevertheless, we chugged along and had a great week. We're doing a lot of teaching right now. I feel like we have more people to teach than we do time, its almost frustrating! It is a great feeling though to be teaching so much, and we have some really solid amis right now so I'm hoping that won't change in the next two weeks.

There have been some interesting happenings though. Two weeks ago we had a less active family that we've been visiting, the family Chassain, take us to go see a friend named michelle who is suffering from cancer, she's undergoing the treatments right now. We got to go see her again this past week. Its hilarious to me. Fr Chassain is the only member and he has some twisted views on doctrine, but both he and his wife love the missionaries and they feel the spirit really strongly when we visit them. Its incredible to me that This less active man has such faith in us and in the Lord to introduce us so naturally to his suffering friend, and then since he's introduced us to a family member and told us about a neighbor that he wants us to go visit with him. Both times we have visited Michelle she has been so grateful and excited for our visit. We've shared thoughts from the BOM both times and explained what it is, and she was so touched when we offered it to her. I love it when we get to see others exercise faith to help those around them feel the Lord's amazing grace.

In other news we ran into a man named Dan a couple weeks ago and taught him twice this past week. He has been taught several times by missionaries in the past. He is an american and a biblical scholar and a bit too entrenched in his own viewpoints and logic to accept anything else. About as close to bashing as we can get and still call it teaching... 

We also been teaching Lianna on a regular basis. She accepted a BOM in Russian this week and was so touched. She has had trouble with her faith and is super open to the idea of reading from the BOM, which is super exciting.

Sarah didn't make it to church yesterday which was bummer. But we were able to teach her once this past week about the Plan of Salvation, which we really liked. She is actually a bit hung up on baptism which she was open with us about because she has already been baptized twice in her life. So she wants to make she gets this one right. She knows that she needs to keep searching for herself to know, which is great.

Friday I did an exchange with E. Hutchinson- a Welsh elder in my district, went really well, its always fun to have a little change up and to get to know someone new.

Saturday there was a baptism in one of the other lyon wards and after the missionaries threw a 4th of July BBQ which was fun.

This past week there was a group of Elders in Martigny Suisse that had to get emergency transferred because of legal issues. So the Assistants called last night and asked us to take one of those missionaries into our equipe. His name is Elder Ardeche. He is from Nantes, France. He came in with me and will finish with me in two weeks and I've actually done 2 exchanges with him back in my Bordeaux days. He is super energy and a bit crazy sometimes. It will be fun to have a french elder with us though! That should bring a fun shift in status quo to the equipe.

This week is already looking really busy. We will go to Chalon sur Soane on Wednesday and do a blitz there and then come back up for Thursday district meeting and do an exchange after. Then Friday we'll have an exchange with the Zone Leaders. Too much to do, not enough time! the Lord is so merciful to us!

I love you all!!

Elder Montgomery
4th of July bbq

The Boughton family that I became such good friends with in Perigueux were at church on Sunday for one of their children is in our ward...things come full circle

The missionaries who were present in our ward on Sunday