Transfer 17, Week 3 Ran's Bday!!! ..... June 29, 2015

Dear family,

Happy Birthday to RANNNN!!!!

What a week we've had. Reallly exhausting. haha wow we're tired. But we saw lots of incredible miracles and the Lord has been really merciful to us.

Sadly, Mavis and Henry have both been MIA all week. We haven't been able to get a hold of Mavis and Henry just keeps setting rdvs but not coming to them. Haha but those goes the missionary carousel...We'll keep trying.
Another Nigerian ami of ours, Collins, accepted a baptismal date of August 8th. Great news! but we'll have to go really slow with him to make sure he understands everything.

The good news is that our dark horse ami Sarah has really stepped up. The reason I say dark horse ami is because we weren't really sure about how things would go with her at first, but we've taught her three times and they have all been great rdvs. She is from Cameroon but is really cool and timid. Sunday would prove to be a huge miracle. 
We had invited her to church on Sunday and she said she'd come. It was 1h30 (when our church starts) and we were standing by the metro waiting for her. She wasn't answering her phone. Collins arrived and so after waiting another 15 minutes we went to church. After the first hour, who comes out of relief society but Sarah! Super happy. She told us that she at met a member on the metro who had walked with her to church and then into Relief society. But wait the miracle gets better. I talked to the member later, her name is Alicia, she is a cool young adult. She always takes the bus to church on sunday and is there early, but this sunday she was running late and had to take the metro. She was on the same metro car as Sarah, and was READING her Book of Mormon...haha. So Sarah approaches her and asks her if she's going to church and she says yes and they walk there together. It was huge. The Lord really knows each one of us and He is incredibly aware of each one of our needs. Sarah had a wonderful time at church, the members ate her up and we'll be seeing her again on Tuesday.

Along with that we are now teaching Lianna three times a week. She is russian and has struggles with her past. We teach her english for 45 minutes then have 15 minute lesson for right now, because she hasn't jumped onto the idea of coming to church and everything. But she wants and needs the Gospel in her life. She keeps asking us why we are so happy all the time. And she doesn't fully understand why the Savior is important yet. We'll work on that.

Today we spent the last P-day at presidents house with President and sr Roney. It was so much fun. President Brown will be arriving tomorrow night. 

We had a wonderful dinner visit with the Bishop's family, the family Chupin. Really cool young family, with two young kids. Had a bbq, with duck shish good...I'm a big duck fan after my mission.

Looking forward to another week of work.Time is speeding by, but also the next three weeks seem monstrous in front of me. Go big and THEN go home!

I love you all!

Elder Montgomery 

Mid ward council with Fr Girard...

Final presidents pday!