Transfer 17, Week 2 ....... June 22, 2015

Chere famille,

Another week down! things are speeding up! 

We spent a lot of today at President's home, it was really great. 

Friday we had our last zone conference with him and sr roney. It was so wonderful. They have become some of my best friends and greatest role models. All President teaches about is faith in the Savior. He only teaches about the Savior all the time. He left us with the scripture in John 13:14-17 about happiness. That the Savior taught us the key to happiness, to follow Him. It was really special. I'm so grateful for the chance I've had to be with them. When Elder Kearon came last time he talked about how as missionaries we are not only called to specific missions but also to specific mission presidents, I definitely feel like I was called to serve with the Roneys.

We took a trip to Grenoble to do Elder Mauss's legality renewal...its so pretty!

We saw Mavis once, he's doing well but has yet to come to church, which is sad, thats our next step.
Monday we had a cool miracle. We were walking to do groceries and were passing the institute center in Lyon. We saw an African couple that was just smiling like nobody's business at us and we stopped and talked to them. The girlfriends name is Progress (nigerians often name their children christlike qualities) and told us that she had met missionaries a year ago but was pregnant at the time and didnt act on the invitation, but that she had always hoped to find missionaries again to have the chance to talk to us and come to church. So we got her number and saw them on Wednesday! really cool Nigerian couple.

Saturday we taught Lianna. A 25 yr old friend of our russian ami olga. Lianna is also Russian/armenian. She asked us to teach her english, so we had made it 40 minutes into our really basic english lesson, when we asked if she had any other questions and then she asked in broken english, using the principles we had just taught her, Why is life so hard? Haha it was a beautiful moment. We ended up having a wonderful gospel discussion about the love of Heavenly Father and she was just amazed. We taught her how to pray and she was super touched. She told us how she feels that she has never been loved by anyone. She wants to learn english more regularly so we will be teaching half english half gospel here coming up this week.

We're really hitting our rhythm right now. The ami carousel continues and we find new people every day. Lyon is such a wonderful city. Miracles at every turn!

A thought from my studies this week: Moroni teaches us in Mormon 9 about a God that never changes and that is and will always be a God of miracles. I think the God like quality of consistency is essential. The great test of this mortal state is to see if we can consistently make righteous exercise of our agency. Faith is really shown over long periods of time. As pmg puts it genuine repentance is best demonstrated by righteous actiosn over a period of time. God is the master of this! I don't think its just automatic for Him, He really has mastered it. And how consistently we use our agency will determine our destiny.

I love you all so much!!!
Beaucoup d'amour,

Elder Montgomery
Elder Tomlinson looks so great!

Pday at presidents

Goodbye picture with president and sr Roney

The boys! Elder bollard, dupre and elvidge