Transfer 14, Week 1 In Lyon, with my son. .... February 9, 2015

Dear Family,

I spent nearly the entire week in Lyon. It was a blast. We got in on monday at 9 for Elder Mataalii to leave, returned Friday night with my blue, then left again Saturday afternoon to Lyon for stake conference and got back for good yesterday at 5pm.

Wednesday, we received our blues...(drumroll)...His name is Elder Tomlinson! He is from Medford, Oregon. He is a fun guy about my height, rather quiet and calculating. Really calm and collected. It was so much fun getting the assignment. I'll break it down for you. They set everything up in a way that we don't see the blues until the time that we get assigned. All the trainers get pulled into the chapel with the blues, who open up their first assignment letter and the trainer will then jump up and run over to hug them. Its really intense. But so much fun!

We then had to stay in Lyon until Friday for the blue's legality appt. 

The week was largely spent spending time with other mission buddies and contacting in Lyon. Got to spend lots of great time with Elder Taylor and Castillo.
Thursday we got the chance to test out a new questionnaire the mission might be releasing for us to use in our finding, in relation to the new family history push the mission is going to make this transfer. It was cool we spent almost all of Thursday talking to people on the streets about their families and seeing how they reacted...and its incredible! Just getting people to talk about and reflect on their families brings the Spirit into their heart and touches them. So neat!
Thursday night, we went to the train station in Lyon (really big) with all the trainers and blues (about 20 of us), and sang. In most bigger train stations they have public pianos that anyone can use. We had one trainer get on their and tickle the ivories while we sang all these hymns about the family, and sunshine. It was funny and neat how much it touched all the busy people stuck in their busy worlds. We had tons of people just stop and listen, and some come up and sing with us, and others talk to us about who we were. Haha 

It was really cold this week...

There are lots of fun 'firsts' for new missionaries that I got to experience with Elder Tomlinson. His first train ride was the 2.5 hour train back to Clermont Friday night. The train station was incredibly busy that evening and Elder T and I had to push our way with his bags over to our track. 
Saturday afternoon at 1230 we left with the famille Blateron, an older couple in the ward who drove us to Lyon. They are funny and we had a good time during the 2 hour drive through the snowy mountains. 
Yesterday was stake conference, it was awesome. The stake president was released and they called a new one. It was held in a big conference center in downtown Lyon. There was a member of the region 70 presidency there, Elder Dykes, and Elder Buttoile an area 70. I met Elder Buttoile in Gex after a ward conference. After the conference Sunday I got another chance to talk to him, and he actually gave me referral of a family for us to teach in Clermont! 
The other miracle of the day is that Decahou came all the way up to Lyon with a few members to attend stake conference! It was great for him to see and everything. We drove back with him, Berengere, and Lisa (2 young adult members), and got back last night.

Needless to say we're happy to be back home. The sun is shining today, even though it is cold. The week should be fun, excited to get back into work mode with Elder Tomlinson.

I love you all!!!

Elder Montgomery
Elder Tomlinson and I after contacting in downtown Lyon

Beautiful bridge spotted on the way home

Us in the back seat...poor Elder T was attacked by the time change...