Transfer 13, Week 6 ..... January 19, 2015

Dear Family,

This week just flew by. Lots of interesting stuff happened.
On Tuesday, We ran into the man who was one of the founders of the Euro project- those who created the money. He took us to a road side cafe and talked to us for 30 min, but wasn't super interested in learning more about the restored Gospel. He was really neat though.
We got invited by a potential ami to the opening of his restaurant on Friday. It turned out being more of a high school hangout, with some of him and his friends, with karoake and alcohol. So we made the best of the situation and became good friends with some of his friends and two of them want to meet with us. After that we bailed on the party politely as to avoid any uncomely behavior. Haha. 

We taught Decahou twice this week. Once with a member family here- the Rapinats. They are a cute older small couple, both very smart and rather french. They just ate up Decahou and we had a great night with them and taught about the Plan of Salvation. On Saturday we taught him again with Franck a young Ivorian member here. We finished teaching the Plan of salvation. We had drawn it up on the chalkboard for him to see. He understood it all and at the end told us, "I've never seen this before, it is new to me, but just by seeing this I know how much God loves me." It was a great moment and he is making great progression. He came to church for the 3rd time yesterday and came to the Sisters' baptism on Saturday. He just is hesitant to accept a baptismal date...

President Roney's daughter moved into our ward last week with her husband, and yesterday we taught Jia with them. Jia is super outgoing and loud and funny and they became quick friends. We spent our entire lesson talking about prayer and how to pray and the importance of prayer. Its been her biggest block, because she reads the BOM and asks really good questions and really wants to know the truth but has just been struggling to pray. But she commited yesterday to pray this week which is exciting. 

As far as the ward goes, we've been doing a great job of building trust. Its been fantastic. I feel like for the first time I'm doing everything we should do to build confidence and to bless the ward. We got to teach the lesson in Priesthood yesterday on Prayer again. It went really well and Fr. Obrecht, Elders quorum president was really grateful. The Elders quorum averages about 15 on Sunday. 

There were equally a lot of downs this week as always. We had a couple days where 2 or 3 rdvs fell through and lots of cool potential amis didn't show up. Grrr, but the work moves forward. Miracles still happen and God still loves us! God wants the best of us, and expects us to do all we can, but He knows that 'all we can' never means perfection. Sometimes we just need to trust Him and keep going and be happy. I'm so grateful for the Savior, if we follow what He says we'll be happier. Thats all there is to it. It suffices to try! How wonderful!

I love you all!!

Elder Montgomery

our trip up the Puy de dome. With David an awesome recent convert.

our trip up the Puy de dome. With David an awesome recent convert.

Elder Mataalii with our dear Fr. Saez, a 90 yr old member from Espana!