Week 2 - July 22, 2014

Chère famille,
Geez what a week its been. As predicted we had quite a busy week and Elder Castillo and I were struggling to keep our heads straight. But all was done in wisdom and order...haha Needless to say we are relieved and happy to be back in Bordeaux. However our adventures this past week were far and wide.
Tuesday we helped frere Charles build a wall in his back yard. Moving bricks and cement and such. He is really funny, a guy that I'll keep contact with long after the mission. He received his PHD in political science having to do with the United States something or other. Long story short he speaks perfect english and has been to the states several times and has interviewed several political characters and knows the political situation of the US better than we do and probably better than he knows that of France. It was fun to get to spend some time with him and his wife and their family of three children.
Wednesday we left for for Lyon, were on trains all day and after a stop in Montpellier, got to Lyon at 9.
Thursday was Leadership Council. It went well. It was good to hear from President and sister Roney and the assistants. No big changes, we're shooting for more stability in the mission, which is nice. By stability I mean no new methods or techniques were released that they wanted us to implement. I wish we had more time to really council together and talk about problems we were facing in our zones. We did so for about 30 minutes but I wouldve loved to talk it through more.
Our train didnt leave until Friday morning, so we helped out the office elders for the evening. I spent my night with Elder Erickson. We taught an african man living in Ukraine over skype! haha It was so cool! The elders there were there the whole time but don't speak any french. He seemed totally ready and willing to be baptized. Fun little miracle to see.
Friday we had an incredibly long train ride back, and got back just in time to spend the evening with mami and papi Fourtina as well fr fourtina who is their son and the second counselor in the stake presidency. It was wonderful little evening with family. They told us all about the plane crash over ukraine. As well as the fact that Elder Ballard who is coming to our mission on September 7th is coming as well to speak to all the bishop and Stake presidencies. That will be cool...interesting to see what he'l have to say.
Saturday morning and afternoon was spent giving zone training. Elder Castillo and I probably gave our best presentation yet. We were both very pleased with it and felt really relieved. Then Saturday evening we had a ward activity, where we had about 20 members come and present something about their home culture or region. Us Elders brought apple pie and cookies (Thank you Elder McBeth) and then sang the national anthem with the crowd which was fun.
Sunday after church we left for Pau. Got there late. Spent the night with 12 Elders in the apartment. And yesterday we had zone conference and interviews with President. It was all rather stressful, especially as our train home got cancelled and we had to ride a bus all the way back to Bordeaux. But zone conference and my interview were very spiritual. Remarkably so in fact. It was oddly powerful and I felt really renewed afterwards. I've been noticing the influence and power of the Holy Ghost in much greater abundance in my life recently. Its been a really wonderful testimony to me. It has become real. And He has become my constant companion, my comforter, my purifier. Its just wonderful. And its all because of the Savior. It always points back to His gospel, are we being obedient enough to deserve the Holy Ghost? Are we seeking it diligently? Do we really want to feel the Savior's love?
Because His hand is always outstretched to us. All the day long. Geez He loves so much! It is really.
I love you all so very much!! 
Elder Montgomery

All the elders that I came in with at mission leadership council.

Elder Taylor and I- Elder Uluave's sons and both in Bordeaux

The post zone training lunch scene