Instruments - June 30, 2014

Dear Famille,

Never ceases to amaze me how much we can do in one week. We had some cool adventures this week and some funny miracles. We continue to work with active patience, knowing that there are those here who need to hear the message and we're here to give them the opportunity to do so. And that reality dawned on me as we worked and worked. This week we had quite a few spiritual moments with members.

Monday we got to spend the evening with the Senior Fourtinas. [In our ward, there are the Senior Fourtinas, old couple, one of the rocks of the church in here Bordeaux for 30 years. And there is one of their sons, Dominique (2nd Counselor in the Stake presidency), and his wife and son who we call the Jr. Fourtinas.] The senior Fourtina's just got called to be ward missionaries which has been a huge help for us. Anyways this couple reminds me a lot of Grandma and Grandpa Yarn, celestial. Two people who have weathered a lot of life's storms as faithful disciples and who the Lord has used to build His kingdom. They served a full time mission in Ivory coast and Central Africa. Just amazing. And they love the missionaries. Being with them was kinda like being at Grandma and Grandpa's home. They told us these really cool stories from their early marriage days and mission days. And then we shared a really spiritual family home evening with them. 

Tuesday, we went back to Perigueux! I filed for a renewal of my year long legality and the office had me do it at the prefecture in Perigueux. So we took the train to Perigueux and I still remembered the city really well, which was cool, and took care of business then returned home. 

That night we had a small dinner with Fr. Ojeda, who we call Papi Ojeda, because we love him. He was just released from his calling as a stake high councilman and has always worked closely with the missionaries. He told us the story of his conversion as we ate dinner just the three of us. And it was quite powerful. He was athiest, born and raised. Had an interest in reincarnation for a while. Met missionaries at one point and because they didnt talk about reincarnation, he brushed them off. Later, he had a neighbor friend who was a member, they became close and his friend invited him to come the church and meet the missionaries and so it was. Its incredible to hear these stories that show the mercy of the Lord, and the power that He gives to individuals to do incredible things. That evening we spent with him was really special.

We went to district meeting in Pau again, made the voyage down and back. We then had an equally as spiritual rendez-vous with a less active we are working with named Leopald, who has already handed out a Book of Mormon to one of his friends and is planning a teaching appt. for us.

One fun miracle we had yesterday: We had finished doing some afternoon tracting and were returning home for lunch, when it started downpouring. We kept walking, I made a joke to Elder Castillo, about how there are never any American tourists from California who drive by and pick us up in jest. About 5 seconds after, a white car pulled over and honked, we had to cross the road to get to it. A skinny African man offered to take us home. His name was Paul, he was an evangelical man and asked us if we were out preaching the "bonnes nouvelles"- good news. We laughed and said yes. We talked to him for the 5 minute car ride we had and left him with a card. The Lord watches out for us.
Looking back so much happened this week and I would love to tell you all about it, but I can't. The mission is sacred. This time is sacred. I don't know fully how to express it, but its worth it.

We are receiving transfer calls tomorrow. Always nervewracking. I love you all!

Beaucoup d'amour,

Elder Montgomery

Downtown BDX

The senior Fourtinas :)

The train station in Perigueux

Elder Castillo and I, taken by Elder Mcbeth a while ago, it was on this bridge where Paul picked us up this week!