Another finish, another start ... July 7, 2014

Dear Fam,
Transfer 8 gone and done away. I'm now over the hump (there are usually 16 transfers in the field). Transfer 9 will be spent in Lormont with Elder Castillo for a third! Very exciting, for everyone out there not keeping up with the transfer count this will be my first time spending 3 transfers in one area. It'll be fun because Elder Castillo and I get along well. Transfers calls came tuesday morning as opposed to Friday which was really odd. So we feel like we've been in the next transfer for while now, but in reality its day one.
This week was the best week for missionary work we had this past transfer.
July 4th came and went, we had a patriotic morning of studies with pictures. And lots of other fun stuff.
We were really out on our grind this week, just spending all day out on the streets. We passed a ton of old investigators, we had this really cool moment on wednesday when we had passed Maxime. He lives in a sketchier neighborhood. As we walked up to his apartment building this 16yr old arab kid came up and asked us for a cigarette, we told him we didnt smoke and he asked us who we were, we kept walking and he walked with us, which is not normal. So we kept talking to him and as we got to Maximes door, another guy in his 20s walked and joined the conversation asking us if we were the jehovahs witnesses or the mormons haha. I had rung Maxime, while we talked with these two guys. As we stood and talked two older trash guys (1 in his 30s and the other maybe his 50s?) came up to get the trash and seeing the small crowd joined the conversation. Haha maxime didnt answer but that didnt matter at this point, because here Elder Castillo and I were giving the 'Sermon of Floirac' (as its been affectionately called). We sat and talked with these 4 guys all of which were Muslim except the young arab kid who ended up being catholic (?). They were throwing questions out, and we sat there teaching them at the base of this government made building. We taught about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, what we really represent and what makes us different than everyone else. It was a really funny moment because usually people avoid us like the plague as we walk up. As we left, the younger trash man told us we were always welcome in the neighborhood, which was cool. We walked away feeling really good, even though none of them were interested in learning more. It just shows that if people knew why we were here and what we did, we would be a lot less 'weird'.
On Friday, we went into Bordeaux to meet a potential, which we had found just after the sermon of Floirac, named Tafa. He told us to meet him at a pretty large plaza at 6pm. At the time we didnt know that was the day and time of the France-Germany world cup game. We got there and there were huge crowds huddled around the various bars and outdoor cafes at this plaza. It was a really cool atmosphere. Unfortunately Tafa told us he couldnt meet with us that day because of the game, so we rescheduled haha big surprise. 
Isabelle is doing well, we taught her mom again this week. Her progression is very slow. We'll see what happens there. We keep praying for her. 
We met a more than average amount of potentials this week, which we'll see how they pan out this week! There are miracles around every corner.
This week was a good week of renewal for me. I reflected a lot on the mercy and love of the Lord. I took moments during the week to reflect on my personal growth and increased ability to do missionary work, things that I hadnt noticed as the weeks have gone by. I don't think these are the things missions are about, its the great paradox of service. As we give everything, and work our hardest to love what He wants us to love, to make our desires and our will His desires and His will, He blesses us in greater measure. He has given us the path and He has been clear in His explanations. We have the answers. There are no longer secrets to those who search. The Lord gives freely, only on the condition that we give freely in return. Personal revelation is an incredible and real blessing, and the enabling power of the Savior's is also real. But we need to lose our selves in being obedient, to receive it.
Love you!
Elder Montgomery

After church on Sunday
our District after district meeting

4th of July!

Elder Beyer who is leaving to Lyon