Its gonna be a short, hot summer - June 23, 2014

Dear fam,
We finally spent the majority of our week this week in our sector, which was refreshing. It is definitely summer and we are sweating our eyeballs out, but not letting that stop us. (Dad, I hoped you appreciated the subject line)   <Dad:  Reference to Glenn Frey Song we listened to many times>
Some cool highlights from the week:

We taught Mama Recordeau twice, wednesday and friday, but aren't too sure on her progression, she really seems just to slow and unwilling (unable?) to act. She is 93. The only hints of improvement is that she seems to be more attentive and she seems to understand what we are saying better, however she hasn't really actively engaged herself in what we are teaching.

We dug up an old ami that is the brother in law of an active member, and went and passed him, and ended up teaching him. Jean-Louis Bassoumba. He is a really nice middle aged Congolais (Congain in english??), he's from Congo. He is quite believing, enjoys the Book of Mormon, but doesn't quite have a desire to go forward from there. But he invited us back which is refreshing.

We went to Pau and did an exchange there on wednesday. The Pau Elders are just great great missionaries, really excited for them. I was with Elder Andrew from Huntington Beach, CA. Really humble hard worker, and we had a really fun time.

The work is moving along slowly for us. I love this ward though, the members really do love us, and I really would like to push them a little bit more to share in this grand work that we are doing. A lot of them really want to, but its really foreign for them, or nervewracking and we need to push them (just like it is for most of us at first).

I reflected on this a lot this week. How missionary work is just a 2 year thing. Sharing the Gospel is an essential duty of a disciple of Christ. It has always been and will always be.
It's interesting how God will place us in these circumstances in our lives to see how we react. We can't stop. How much integrity do we have? Do we push forward to greater heights, or sit in our comfortable level of mediocrity? What a blessing it is to have the Gospel light in our lives to make our choices and often the consequences of our choices clear so that we can make the best decision.

Indeed I love my mission.

 Make it a great week! I love you all!

Beaucoup d'amour,

Elder Montgomery

The Bordeaux and Talence zones just previous to our trip for nice
us and the Bordeaux Zone Leaders

The Bordeaux and Talence zones just previous to our trip for nice
us and the Bordeaux Zone Leaders

 We helped a member move a couch from their beach house about an hour away back to their home, and he took us on a tour of the shoreline. Sweet!

Elder Andrew on our exchange