Transfer 6, month 7, Day 1, Captain's log: .... March 3, 2014

Dear family,

What an awesome week we had. Really just full of wonderful progression that we saw.

Elder Ambursley and I are staying together in Gex for another 6 weeks. Stoked to be alongside him. His unusual fire is incredible and his boldness is something that I'm learning from everyday.

Upon reflecting about this last transfer that went by and looking at the numbers we had, and then thinking of all the people that we had met and taught and helped, I couldn't help but feel a tiny bit of pride in the progression we are beginning to see. That being said, there is a lot that we need to improve and do before we begin reaching our big goals.

This week we saw our teaching pool grow a lot. 
I felt like we were reaping in on a lot of the work we had put in.
-We had 1 iffy lesson that didn't go as well as we hoped with our American ami Marva. She's an economist that works at the UN! Cool! and is from New Jersey and has a lot of faith in God. We had a really great first lesson with her, but this one did not go well at all and it really kinda stumped me (it was really a bizarre lesson) but we got a return rdv, so lets hope that improves.
-We had a good conversation and gave away a Book of Mormon to a non practicing catholic dad of a family of 6, who is unemployed right now. And he invited us to come back anytime. We were hoping for a more specific time but ca va.
-And after that we had our ami Gracey come to church with her 3 yr old daughter Silvia. They are from Tanzania and communication is a bit difficult...but its always so cool having amis at church.
We are working with 6 others right now. Very cool and very exciting.

This transfer will be about taking it to the next level. Really being as perfectly efficient as possible and becoming evermore consecrated to this Work. Burning out the laziness and pride and becoming a more effective tool in my Heavenly Father's Hands to help His work progress. Perfection is the goal, sincere progression is the expectation, He is the way.

Also I sent some pictures, but I got to spend Thursday in Martigny, Switzerland on an exchange, it was so cool!

I love you all!!

Beaucoup d'amour,

Elder William Montgomery

Elder A and I enjoying that grape cider :) haha 
Zone leaders! Elder Happarai Hansen and Elder Kaiha

Lake Geneva 
Fun times on my exchange in martigny, swiss