Le Soleil!!! .... February 24, 2014

My dear family,
First on the docket, Shoutout to Dad, the birthday boy! Joyeux Anniversaire!
This past week was really beautiful weather wise, more and more sun is coming out, for which we are always grateful.
We had a lot of cool experiences this week. First Yesterday we spent some time at the famille Fontanellas home, an italian family here in the ward with 4 boys- and we made legit, from scratch italian pizzas. It took quite a while, but it was a great time with the family who does so much for us missionaries. We each made our own bowl of dough then left for an hour and half and worked; to let the dough rise, then returned and finished them. I sent the pictures of my pizza, and we took a funny video of us slapping the dough, but I think one of the other elders has it....Yes we talked a little bit about whether its a pizza before it goes into the oven or only after its cooked...#Kramer
This week as well I got to go on an exchange with one of the zone leaders, his name is Elder Kaiha, he is a big tahitian, as well as a boxing champion. And he only speaks french. It was really fun to pass the day thursday with him speaking only french and learning from him. Exchanges are interesting, there seems to be a boost of faith or something that brings more miracles than a usual day. 
With Elder Kaiha, we found three interested people on one road after praying specifically to find a person to teach on that road. It was so cool. I can't really tell you what it is, but it sure is real.
And one thing I've really loved about the mission is going into homes and meeting families and saying to myself, "this is exactly how I want my family to be when the time comes". We got to pass some time with some awesome families this week who live in our secteur. Namely Aubry Jaquier and his wife Flavie. Aubry just got back from his mission in Paris chinese speaking, and they are just the coolest couple ever, and they are only 3 years older than us.
Lastly we've been putting our focus as a mission on families, finding and teaching families. So to help with that, we as an equipe (companionship) have been teaching about the family as much as possible, above all by sharing the Family: A Proclamation to the World with all the members we visit and with everyone we meet. We don't get a ton of news about whats happening in the outside world, but we have heard of certain political circumstances in France that are really threatening the family. Its been so very...comforting to read, share, testify, and learn about the importance of the family in...everything. 
And moreover, its amazing to read the words of the prophets in the Proclamation and see how EXACTLY they describe the condition of the world today (here in france the Proclamation literally describes a line in the bill the government is trying to pass). It has bolstered my testimony of the truth that God is not dead, that He loves us, and He has called and ordained servants on the earth to help us return to live with Him after this earthly time. I invite you all to take a moment this week and read the Proclamation, and pray to find ways to better improve in your role in the family. If anything our love for our family and the happiness we find therein should be reason enough to share the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone.
I love you all!
Beaucoup d'amour,
Elder William Montgomery

My pizza before the oven

The crew making pizzas at the Fontanellas

And after the oven

A statue of a Rooster stomping on an eagle...I dont know the symbolism