How much missionary work can be done in 4 days? .... February 17, 2014

Chére famille!

This week seemed so long, mostly because we were not able to work for 3 days. We spent a day in Lyon (I drove the entire way there and back #giddyup) for Elder A's legality. That was fun and odd, I felt like such an old missionary (my 7 month mark is arriving quickly). Then we had our zone conference and interviews which I already told you about. But in the 4 days we did have we got a lot done, or rather we were really effective in our time.

Two weeks ago we knocked on the door of an American woman from New Jersey,. And she told us to come back this past week on Saturday morning. Well missionaries never miss an opportunity like that even if the invite seemed rather half hearted. We knocked on her door at 10, nobody answered, so we went and passed another potential ami, then returned 10 minutes later, and she let us right in apologizing that she had forgotten that she had invited us, she was still in her morning robe and her husband was upstairs. It was rather uncomfortable at first haha, but hey thats how it is sometimes. Anyways she changed and we talked at first and eventually teach her the entire restoration, left her with our only English Book of Mormon, and she accepted the challenge to read and pray about it. It all seemed to mostly be out of curiosity, until the end when we had already said a pray and we got up to leave. We asked her if we could do anything else for her, and she joked at first, then got serious and sat us back down and told us how guilty she feels for something she did to a coworker that is also a friend and that she didnt know how to deal with it. We did our best to direct to the Book of Mormon and prayer, and then we said a prayer with her specifically for this friend. Spiritual Smash! She started crying and was so touched by it! it was awesome!!!! And she felt rather embarrassed that she was crying in front of us two complete strangers and thanked us and rushed us out the door after that. But we set up time to come back and to teach the entire family (husband and 3 yr. old son) more about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ next week. It was really cool.

We had a few miracle lessons like that this week. We had a couple large letdowns as well, which also seems to be the case #oppostioninallthings But what I appreciate most of all is that we are seeing progress here. We are seeing the Good News be spread to more and more people and more and more people accepting it and benefiting from it. That might be the greatest blessing of all. To see the happiness that EVERYONE recieves from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. IT is literally a custom fit, but one size fit all solution to real problems. I just love it. And its so interesting that no matter what your problem or worry or mistake or who you are there is a way out. Its so...beautiful. It was specifically designed for every person on the Earth. And we (as people who already have this knowledge) have the blessing of sharing it with others.

How grateful I am for that blessing.

Beaucoup d'amour,

Elder William Montgomery
While we were in Lyon I got to see Elder Call. I was so very happy to see him. He is the best. My mission hero.
My classic Ham and cheese/ranch and mustard with the 3 cookies from Subway. Got it while in Lyon. It was really good.
We drove from Gex to Lyon and we drove through this valley (I stopped and took a picture)
Here's my desk set up