Sunshine in my soul .... March 10, 2014

A weeek of adventures!!!

My family this has been such a fun week!

Last week was transfers and Elder Crawley one of the other Gex elders got transfered, and to replace him we got Elder Wilson!! My Elder Wilson from Perigueux. Its been a riot having him back around.
We also taught/met with another Free Mason man...he let us in on a whole bunch of Free mason secrets. It was rather sketchy haha and really interesting. We aren't sure if we bought all that he said...

Monday was a really special day however. Probably one of the most spiritual experiences I've had on my mission. And let me first bear my testimony that what we do every day however mundane or bizarre it may seem is guided by the Lord. This is the Lord's work and He is at its head. Even when we come home to plan at night at 9 pm and we're exhausted and don't feel like thinking, but we seek the Lord's will anyway, we are guided. Monday we were in a trio, because we Elder Wilson didnt arrive until Tuesday, and we start work on our P-days at 6pm. We had simply planned to go pass some older single sister members, seeing as how in a trio we could visit them. Well at about 615 we arrived at the home of Sr. Blanco. She is from South America but speaks English. A seemingly french man opens the door and before we could even introduce ourselves he invited us in. We told who we were and asked if Mme Blanco was there. He walks into the kitchen. Turns out his name is Hugh he is canadian and he was in the middle of having dinner with his kids. Sr. Blanco was also in the kitchen and was happy to see us, but not surprised which was odd. After chatting a little bit, Sr. Blanco tells Hugh that we were going to give her a blessing now. We had no idea what she was talking about. She walks us into the next room and tells us how she has been just terribly ill lately, barely able to get out of bed the past couple days, and that she has been in horrible pain. She then looks at us at asks us who told us that she was sick and that she needed a blessing (bear in mind we had absolutely no idea about any of this). We 3 elders look at each other and said, "no one told us anything, we just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing." And then we corrected that by saying, "The Lord told us to come." It was incredible. We gave her a blessing of healing and of course there were plenty of tears. She told us that she is nanny in this house and that the family here is so perfect for the Gospel and so ready. She told us that AS we arrived, Hugh and Sr. Blanco were in the middle of discussing an article Hugh read about mormon missionaries and how wonderful it is that the church takes such wonderful care of its members. 
IT was just unbelievable the timing of it all.

We then continued on with our night and did some porting (knocked on people's portes), then went and visited another older sister in the ward. Turns out it is the mother of the Guilbaud family, one of my favorite families I've yet to meet on my mission- and the Guilbauds are in the middle of building a house and they are living at Sister Michel's home until then. We stayed and a fun time talking and then were invited to stay for a small Family home evening. So we had incredibly spiritual Family Home Evening with them and finished it by singing the hymn Dans nos foyers (Love at Home). It was absolutely....I cant come up with words to describe how happy i felt. It felt objectively right. Pure rightness. It felt like we were meant to be there, that we were sitting in that small living room with this young family and the Savior was sitting next us smiling with me. Just as we were leaving Sr Guilbaud thanked me for us coming and told me that our visit was an answer to a month's worth of prayers, and then she thanked me again at church yesterday telling me how much it meant to her and her family.
I've never felt such joy in my life or such purity in any one moment like I did that evening, knowing that I was exactly where my Lord and Savior needed me to be, being an imperfect, yet worthy representative of Him, in doing His work. Its impossible to really capture it in words. I feel like Mormon who struggled because of his weakness in writing. The Gospel is true, We have a Heavenly Father who loves all of us. And when we are willing to listen to what He has to tell us, we will ALWAYS find more happiness, no matter how seemingly big the sacrifice. The simple law of sacrifice- as we sacrifice our habits of disobedience we find infinite blessings in our life.
I love you all, the work here is progressing rapidly, we found another family yesterday that we are now working with. I've never been teaching so much on my entire mission.

And we have a member here who works for a French Car Company, Citroen and he gave us 4 elders tickets to the largest car show in France and Switzerland (if not europe?) for today in Geneva, so thats where we are going! :)

Beaucoup d'amour,

Elder William Montgomery

Us four at the gare, Elder Crawley got transfered

A circus passed through town and they were keeping all the animals out on a rugby field. This is my safari pose

Imperial- the best p√Ętisserie ive ever had.