A Rainy day in Perigueux! .... November 4, 2013

Bonjour tout le monde!

How are you? I have gotten remarkbly little information about la famille lately...How is everyone? 

Shout out to Nate for snagging that job in Sacramento.

My first week in Périgueux was a wet one. It has rained a lot and is cold. Its really quite nice. I love the rain! And it is even more fun preaching the gospel in the rain. It makes me feel like a real missionary! haha

Our branch is fantastic. The thing about France is you'll people here that you'd never meet any where else. For example there is member in our branch, he runs a tatoo shop...he is endowed and sealed with 4 young children, and he runs a tatoo shop. He has a handlebar mustache and tatoos down his arms and he runs a tatoo shop...but he is the most faithful member of the branch here. How cool is that?

The second counselor of the presidency is an Cowboy fanatic and wears a bolo tie every week to church. But gets things DONE.

It was once again impressed upon me how universal the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. Our branch is a collection of some of the oddest people Ive ever met all united in the same cause: to live the gospel of our Savior and to help others find the peace and rest that lies therein. The Gospel is for everyone in the world. It is a beautiful thing to see. 

Because the temples are so far away here usually the wards will have temple weeks, where everyone saves up and travels to a temple for a week. The branch just got back from the temple in Madrid. And all 9 young men in our branch stood up and bore strong testimonies of their experiences there on Sunday. It was quite incredible to see the faith that these branch members have.

The sole lesson that we taught this week was with a man named Thierry, who after much search and trial believes that he was unworthy to pray. We sat in the small church classroom for an hour explaining the Atonement, and the great Plan of Happiness our Heavenly Father has created for us. And that through that plan we could all be forgiven for mistakes we make and overcome the weaknesses that we have through our Savior Jesus Christ. Never think you are unworthy to pray. Your Father in Heaven wants nothing more than the best for you, and as a result wants you to communicate with Him as much as possible about your problems and worries, small and trivial as they may be. This was the testimony that was burning inside of me as we taught Thierry. And after a long period of silence, he was able to say a prayer and ask for forgiveness. It was small yet remarkable step in his spiritual progression. 

Yesterday I taught the lesson in Gospel Principles, it was rather scatterbrained and all in french but it was a good experience none the less. THis week, Elder Wilson and I are having a week of only speaking French. Its very exciting. I love seeing challenges that I know I can conquer because I know in Whom I trust (2 Nephi 4).

Je vous aime!!

Beaucoup d'amour,

Elder Montgomery

My new address is:

Les Missionnaires
4, Rue LaGrange Chancel
24000 Périgueux, France

Elder Wilson and I found an apple tree while porting, we snagged a few.

A little périgueux beauty

A little périgueux beauty

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