Périgueux in November ... November 12, 2013

Chére Famille,

It was great to hear from you! Yesterday was Armistice Day, so basically everything was shut down including our internet cafe. 

This past week was one of very hard work and diligent perseverance. Along with the rest of the mission we had an M-week, or rather a Monster week or Miracle week, where we worked harder, sacrificed more time, and stayed out longer and it was accompanied by bigger goals and more specific plans along with more fervent prayers.

I can honestly say that although we did not hit most of our goals last week, we are definitely seeing the fruits of our labor this week. We have several teaching appointments already set for this week with people who are very ready for the Gospel. And we saw our fair share of miracles.

Last Monday we only had 3 more contacts to make before we hit our goal (75 contacts), and we decided to walk down one more road that was poorly lit and rather sketchy before heading to the church for FHE. On our 75th contact we had an hour long discussion/lesson with a man who had a ton of questions about our church. It was such a coolll encounter.

We had one neat experience on Sunday evening. We had found a an old record of a man that had been taking the lessons almost a year ago but had since stopped, and the reason being a lack of desire to progress. We had baked some cookies and went over to visit him as our last activity Sunday night. He let us in without hesitation as if he was waiting for us. After reading a chapter out of the Book of Mormon, he told us,"I feel really good right now, I really need you guys in my life at this moment." then he ended by telling us "Come knock on my door Sunday morning and if Im awake i'll come to church with you, if not come Sunday evening at 6, and see me then." He told us that he had been struggling to quit smoking but could not find the motivation, and that he has been struggling to find work as while. It was such a refreshing experience to meet with someone who had been changed by his humility and who the Spirit so strongly attended to.

Friday morning as we were walking out of the church we walked by a car with a cracked window and a man inside, I threw out a quick bonjour, and my comp at the time (exchange) Elder Cardall, stopped and started talking to him. To my surprise the man got out of his car and started a conversation with us. He had all sorts of questions about God and life after this life. I was thinking, "We have the answers!!!". We ended up taking him and giving him a tour of the chapel and teaching the first lesson. Just at the end of the lesson we were interrupted by his cell phone with his friend on the other side (the friend for whom he was waiting in his car). A rather unfortunate ending but we got his number and he told us to call him sometime to talk more. And he accepted the invitation to read the Book of Mormon. 

We saw very cool miracles like these all week, results of being guided by the Holy Ghost as we were working our tails off to reach our goals and find those souls who are ready to accept the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a wonderful experience.

We also went to Brive this week for a missionary musical soiree. In Brive there is a world reknowned patisserie that has the most wonderful and incredibly huge pastries youll ever see (pictures included). We bought one before our 7am train ride back to Périgueux. C'etait merveilleuse :)

We got the preordered, incredibly huge Speculos Eclairs. Best patisseries in the world.
I love you all so very much! I love being a missionary. And even more so than that I have seen the fruits of the Gospel in my own life. My own personal view on life has become simpler and the future seems exciting and full of hope. I feel empowered as I apply the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that it can work for everyone.

Beaucoup d'amour,

Elder William Montgomery

Thursday We had a 3 hour Contacting competition with a points system and everything. Senior Companions vs. Junior Companions. THe Juniors won.

Shout out to Mom and Rosemary! I found an Aldi!!! 

On our way to Samedi Sportif

Waiting at the bus stop