Thanksgiving in France .... November 25, 2013

Ma famille!!

How are we?

This week has been wonderfully sunny for the most part with some rain here and there, but definitely a nice change from weeks past. We are expecting snow at some point...Woooooo.

Christmas time! As much as I will miss Christmas with you, I am very excited for Christmas here. We already have a family who called dibs for having us over Christmas for dinner. And they are so wonderful! La famille Denadier. Super cool convert family with 5 boys (the oldest has his mission call to Benin and Toga?). The mother is an angel, and the dad is a spiritual giant.

We had stake conference this week, along with zone conference, and got a chance to hear President and Sister Roney speak. They are awesome!

We are having thanksgiving this week at a members house who isnt american but does for all the missionaries anyways! wahooo!

Our Ami, Marie is making good progress and ever excited for her baptism.

The major takeaway I had this week from all of our experiences was the wonderful cleansing power of the Atonement. And how through it we progress and can be healed of, forgiven of, and move on from past mistakes, whether they be sins in the strictest sense or simple mistakes that cause regret in our life. Repentance and progression. The Gospel is Glorious!!!! How wonderful it is to have it, and what greater responsibility we have then to share it!

As Ive worked this week Ive realized how much joy it brings the soul to help and serve others.

In the French version of the hymn, Because I have been given much, There is a line that I love,

"Redecrouvant le mot amour, le montrer a tous sans detour"   

which means:

             "Rediscovering the word Love and showing it to all without holding back."

We gain happiness when we labor for the happiness of others. Help others, serve others, lift up your light among men, which light is our Savior Jesus Christ, and be the means of spreading happiness always

I love you all so very much,

Beaucoup d'amour,
Elder William Montgomery

In ville.

On the way out of a members house

The city from the mountainside

So nightime camera fun in the apartment (thats a BOM in my hands)