Week 4 ..... October 27, 2014

Dear Family,

I love you a lot. We had a great week. The coming week will be even better. We did 3 exchanges this week, attended 2 district meetings, and got to see all of the missionaries in our zone. Really fun, and tiring.

Tuesday. We went up to Castres, a medium sized city with 5 or so members in it. I was with Elder Amerjan on exchange. He is a 3rd transfer missionary from Fresno, CA. He is hilarious and I was blown away by his faith and love for everyone. Nothing phased him. 

Wednesday. Sat in on the Rodez District meeting in Albi. 

Thursday. District meeting with the Concorde district (the other Toulouse ward.) After wards I went on exchange with Elder Haskin, a blue missionary from Georgia! Haha we had a good time going out to St. Guadens, a tiny ville out near the Spanish border where we taught a lady at her doorstep who had been taught by missionaries over 15 years ago, but had lost contact with them. Elder Haskin led the lesson and already speaks great french. Really fun little adventure

Friday. Started another exchange with some of the Concorde Elders whose sector is just the other side of the Garonne (which divides Toulouse in half). I was with Elder Rellaford, who is from American Fork, UT. A stellar 3rd transfer missionary. Really fun we talked to tons of people. Despite both of our teaching appts falling through we set up new teaching appts with 2 new people for next week. One of which was a french student who had just returned from living in Texas for 6 years and the other a retired Colonel from the french national gaurd. 

Saturday. We planned, and planned. How important planning is. We spent the evening with Utile an awesome JA, who invited 2 of her friends along with Roxana the girl we met last week and one of her friends, for a Family home evening. So we ate really good Burundian food and then Elder Bollard and I shared the mormon message Mountains to Climb with this incredibly diverse group of student aged people. It was awesome there was an incredible spirit, and it was fun and wonderful to have the chance to testify of the truth being restored to the earth and of the peace and purpose it gives to us. It was thrilling and refreshing.

This week was in fact incredibly full. I was gone from our sector for most of it. But Marie Antoinette, who was at first hesitant with her baptismal date is now excited for it. Margot, she is progressing super well, comes to church every week and we're praying will give up coffee for good this week. Kevin will miss is date as he didnt come to church this week. His commitment is lacking and we aren't seeing a ton of progression. So we'll see with Kevin. 

As for the lactose intolerance, its been up and down. I have decided that I am not lactose intolerant, and just ate dairy for the last couple days of the week. I've been fine. I think it may just be that my diet has not been steady enough and lots of other things mixed in. 

This week. Wow. We are going to Bordeaux on Wednesday for a multi zone conference with Elder Kearon of the 70. Then we are going straight to Geneva for a special leadership conference with Elder Kearon on Friday with the mission leaderhsip. Really exciting and awesome. I hope I can take sufficient advantage of this incredible opportunity.

I'm worried that maybe I'm plateauing in my missionary skills and I don't like it. I want this week to be a motivation for the rest of my mission. I want to do more. I feel stressed, but I have a great desire to change. And you are a great motivation for me.

I love you all!

Elder Montgomery 
Elder Amerjan and I at a service project

Elder Bollard and I in Castres

The tiny ville of St. Gaudens

Elder Rellaford and I in the metro