Back (To)ulouse! Transfer 12? .... November 10, 2014

Dear Family,

Just had an incredibly crazy week. To start things off Elder Bollard and I are staying together in Toulouse, very exciting we're both stoked to be together and want to make this transfer golden.

So this week there have been riots in Toulouse off and on. This weekend was also Stake Conference. So we had all of the missionaries in our zone and the Montpellier zone (45 missionaries) come in while these riots were peaking Saturday evening. Haha it was pretty crazy. As we walked through the ville earlier in the day we saw armored police everywhere. We had a very difficult time getting everyone to their apts because all of the metros and busses were down. We saw several miracles happen that evening, including a missionary senior couple that was in town from Beziers appeared out of nowhere and offered to drive all the sisters home. And then the metros came back on just at the end of the night as we had finished sending everyone their way. It was a lot.
Because the Stakes are so big and they don't neccessarily have big stake centers nor do they broadcast out the conference, here in France for Stake conference they usually rent out a conference center. It was huge, really cool and we had around 500 people there. President Roney was there and spoke. During his talk he called Elder Bollard and I up to share a 3 minute thought about the Savior. It was awesome! We got to teach this huge crowd about the Atonement and the Restoration of the Gospel! How cool! It was such a fun experience. And the Spirit was so strong.

We had our staple amis there. Margot who is so excited to be baptized and absolutely loved general conference, is still struggling to stop drinking coffee. We are really praying that she will stop before her interview. Her baptism is scheduled for the 22nd. Marie Antoinette is completely ready and already living the gospel but is just struggling to be excited for her baptism. She's had problems in the past with commitment and she keeps telling us that she is willing to be baptized in Decemeber (6th) but would prefer it in the summer. Roxanna, our romanian miracle from a couple weeks ago came and has become best friends with the young adults and now lives with one.

We returned home after Stake Conference and attempted to feed all the missionaries we had only to find that our refrigerator had stopped working and all of our food was going to waste. Haha it was funny and sad at the same time.

We were walking home last night after sending in our zone's numbers and were just exhausted. I was reflecting over the past week and notably the past 2 days and crazy they were. I never thought I'd be capable of handling so many things at one time. The Lord has blessed us immensely, but its been hard and we still have such a long way to go before we attain our potential. But during this moment of reflection I just had the most profound impression spread in my spirit and this sentence came into my head. "And the Gospel is true". THis thought was followed by some incredible joy and energy that I can't really explain. I simply picked my head up and said to Elder Bollard, The gospel is true. It was a beautiful thing to have a spiritual confirmation of what we are doing, and knowing that it really is the Lord's work, for the happiness and salvation of everyone on the earth. And recognizing that by small and simple means He will accomplish this work. 

I love you so very much,

Elder Montgomery
A William Sighting from FFFLM Website - Zone Conference