Week one on the coast ..... April 21, 2014

Chére famille,

Its great being in a big city again. Summer is around the corner, its getting a little toasty in Bordeaux. 

We are currently in Lyon, for our leadership council tomorrow. Just some more fun mission adventures!

Our sector is really cool, its the east side of Bordeaux, the smaller part. But we're definitely in a big city again, lots of people walking around drunk and dog poop and trams and buses everywhere.
Attendance at church yesterday was about 100. The ward is really cool, but has some funny ones like everywhere. We are teaching 3 or 4 amis at the moment, with one lady who was baptized the day before I got here, that we saw this week.

This will be an interesting new chapter in my mission adventure. I'm with a solid companion in a big ville with lots of potential, but that seems to have a different vibe than other areas I've been in. Maybe thats just my first week effect rubbing off.

Anyways, I don't have a ton of time, but in honor of easter, I wanted to share this video with everyone.   http://easter.mormon.org/?cid=HPTU041514694

Because of Him and all He did, its all possible. All of it. 
Its interesting being on a mission and meeting and talking to and delving into the lives of thousands of people and seeing all sorts of different challenges and problems and difficulties. And to think that because of the complete and total consecration of His life to help everyone that has ever struggled, and yet He was so alone.
He can solve all the problems that we see everyday on the streets, and that may be the hardest part as a missionary- seeing people turn down His divine help.
We can do it because of Him!

I love you all!

Beaucoup d'amour, 

Elder Montgomery
Elder Castillo and I on the bridge in Bordeaux.
plane ride to Lyon