From the Alps to the Atlantic ... April 15, 2014

Ma chère famille,

First things first, I've been transferred back across the country of France to Bordeaux to serve in the Lormont secteur. I'm now serving with Elder Castillo from Bountiful, Utah as a Zone leader of the Talence zone, which is basically the southern half of Bordeaux to the Spanish border. Very exciting stuff! Elder Castillo is the man and is really easy to work alongside. I'm super super stoked for this transfer and new part of my mission adventure but also very humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve others more fully.

This past week was super fun in Gex and I was very sad to leave such a wonderful place and my comp Elder Ambursley. We had a chance to play soccer with LDS GENEVE the local church team, and Frere Gaggini gave us some team ties. We also went and did a service project with the young men of the stake at Frere Gagginis home. It took me back to my young men days and it was really cool to be the missionaries there and have all the leaders saying things like," young men we want you to be just like these missionaries in a few years" We were the examples it was so cool, and it really is true that after being on a mission things seem to clear up in life. We also taught a really cool Polish family that we've trying to teach for a month now, and they are totally in! However I won't see them cause I'm leaving, but I'm excited for them anyways.

I just love being a missionary. I really do feel so empowered, and the more I believe in this cause, the greater that feeling of empowerment becomes.

I also love testifying. I guess thats really what we are as missionaries is witnesses of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bearing my testimony to the Gex ward that I love so much on Sunday brought me so much joy.

I'm excited to be here. Bordeaux is a big city (we have the bottom half of it as our secteur), much different from Gex. But I'm mostly excited to be with Elder Castillo. He is the man. I'm excited to serve with him because he seems super chill and hard working and very christlike at the same time. I'm excited to be with a missionary of a similar work ethic and personal maturity as myself.

Anyways I love you all! Bonne Semaine!

Beaucoup d'amour,

Elder William Montgomery
Elder A and I with our LDS GENEVE FC ties on. Too Legit to quit

Us four elders with Fr. Gaggini at a stake young mens service activity. We made a bridge with the young men, just like old times. I kept turning my head around expecting some advice from brother Breiding.

THe cool young couples of the Gex ward!

The family Thiesset, one of my favorite families Ive yet to meet on my mission