Christmas is Here!!! ... December 23, 2013

Très Chère Famille,

First, Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad!

And Merry Christmas! I'm absolutely stoked for Wednesday. In order to effectively use our time, I'm inviting you all to bring 3 questions or more that you may have had to ask me to the skype call. #missionary We'll have an hour on wednesday around 6ish. So Dad, make sure you are on skype around 6. Im not sure exactly when yet.

THis past week was a ton of fun!

The Zone leaders came into Perigueux on Friday and us 6 Elders sung carols in the middle of centreville with a big streetboard that said, " Pourqoui est-il ne?" Why was he born? IT was so fun! And a bit intimidating...but a big realization you have as a missionary is that you arent here to be COOL...we got plenty of glares and ugly words...We are to stand as witnesses of what we know to be true, of Which truths the life of our Savior stands at the center. And we got lots of big Christmas smiles which made it all worth it!

We had the branch christmas party on Saturday where the old Single Adults including us 4 elders put on a nativity scene performance with singing. IT was an absolute train wreck....haha it was kinda sad because we had about 16 non members there! THe singing at the end was the high point. AFter the performance, we ate with everybody and had a blast. The members are doing their part, bringing friends to church. THe best way to find the best people is through members. And our job as missionaries is to be friends with everyone. It is such a blast! I love meeting all these random people!
Its great to be here for Christmas! Everyone needs to know WHY we celebrate Christmas! It is truly the time that we thank our Father in Heaven for the gift of the Savior in our life! 
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son...
Be grateful and loving and share the love of our Heavenly Father this week!
I love you all! See you Wednesday! Joyeux Noel!

Elder William Yarn Montgomery