Christmas Concerts in Périgueux .... December 9, 2013

Tres chere famille,

What a week its been! We got our transfer calls on Friday and nobody in Périgueux is moving. We put it in some solid work this week but there is definitely (as there always is) plenty of room for improvement.

Last monday on our Pday, we went to the "Venice of the Perigord (our region)", a small city named Brantome. Super beautiful, super classic france (we had only baguettes for lunch:). I included some photos, and I have a ton more. 

Elder Wilson is a professional Ukulele player. So us 4 elders decided to put together a little Christmas concert for the members. Elder MC-Beth wows the members with his expert yo yo skills. The other 3 elders have me singing a solo of Silent Night. Haha we've visited about 15 members homes and presented our Christmas concert along with a short message about the beauty of the life of our Savior. I'm not a pro all, especially with a song like Silent Night, but we've had many rendezvous where despite my singing skills, the song has really brought the Spirit, and as we sing and testify of our Savior their is a spirit of peace and love like no other that comes. It has been a wonderful experience for me and for the members we've visited.

We have one member who is really struggling right now. With work, with family, with money, he really wants to leave the city. We went and visited him this week with the ward mission leader, Mario. He asked me to give him a blessing of comfort. It was really cool, I gave my first blessing in french. It was quite incredible. 

This week we really went to town work wise. We talked to more people this week than I have any other week of my mission. We found several people who were interested, but only 1 man who has accepted us to be taught. His name is Yanis, he is the man. He loves us. I cannot express to you after talking to so many people, who don't give us the time of day, how wonderful and how much joy it gives me to talk to someone who believes in something grander and bigger than himself. It is refreshing for my soul. 

This week we've seen an odd amount of opposition arise. People have been meaner, ruder, and colder as the week progressed. But we plunged through it. We, as a mission, are in the middle of working towards our a White Christmas gift that we will present to Savior on Christmas. I know that just as the sunrise comes after the dark of night, the miracles follow the opposition.

This past week during Church, we were invited to be an Angel this week to someone who may be in need of some serious help. I love that concept. That a Loving Heavenly Father will send us as angels, even in very small ways. But thats the beauty of the Gospel. We can all be angels. My invitation to you guys is to be someone's angel this week. Even in a small way ... For By small means are great things brought to pass.

I love you all so very much!!

Beaucoup d'amour,

Elder William Montgomery
Pday adventure to Brantome

My wonderful companion

Talking with some old gentleman on their afternoon stroll. Old french men are the best.

Perigueux at Sunset