First Three Days - MTC to SF and back .... August 27, 2013

Hey everyone!!

The MTC is great! Its fantastic! The MTC is so much fun! Its just great to forget about all your worries and focus on one beautiful thing! 

I have two companions. Elder Dawagne (Montreal, Canada), who is Belgian and is fluent in french (what a blessing) and Elder Davis (Paris, France), who is from Seattle and whose french is much better than mine. They are both great! We have 4 sisters in our district, who we study with. Soeur Poznanski (San Jose), who is from Paris and whose parents are the Paris France mission presidents, Soeur Campbell (Paris, France) who is from bountiful, Soeur Hodder (Lyon) who is Nova Scotia, and Soeur Bowman (Lyon) who I can't remember where she is from (yikes). All of their French is fantastique. I feel like I have the worst french of the District. But I'm praying for la don des langues 5 times a day haha. My french has gotten a lot better though since I've been here. I just LOVE speaking french it is so much fun. Thats probably half the reason this is so enjoyable, because I get to speak french so much. Also I've been called as the District Leader! Which is cool, a few more responsibilities. But our district is so great both my companions and the sisters are all so wonderful.

My trip to San Fran was crazy! I was there all by myself. They gave me a ton of money for taxis and stuff and I just chilled in San Fran for a day! And they gave me a cell phone! Its like I was a super star! everybody was asking me where I was from and everything! Also a bunch of middle aged women asked me if I'd like to call my mom. (I said no haha #sorrymom #againstmissionrules #whitebible) 
                               (July 25, 2013, picture sent to dad from random cell number he met in the airport)

Also Friday was our Pday so i was supposed to email you yesterday but did not get back to the MTC until 9:45. It was crazy and the shuttle driver was getting calls from the MTC saying "Do you have elder montgomery? HIs companions are worried sick that he has not returned yet. hahah
I havent been able to read my letters yet (Thank you mom). But all the sisters in my district are so jealous. Everytime we get mail its like "Its all for Elder montgomery"....

Its so great to see how there are so many incredible people here! I've run into all these friends. 

Also did tom make the grand championship??? What a score he put up! They keep telling me to do all this stuff during my "free time", but I haven't had any "free time"

Pray for my french!  I leave for France in 10 days  ...  It hasn't really hit me yet that I'll be gone for two years, I feel like I'll be back after these two weeks.

I'm out of time! WE only get thirty minutes for email...Sorry this isn't really spiritually overflowing.

Beaucoup d'amour

Elder Montgomery