Staying in Bordeaux! .... May 26, 2014

Dear Family,

Another week in the books. Another transfer in the books. Transfer 7 gone, Transfer 8 on deck. Elder Castillo and I are staying together here in Lormont, which I am very excited about. This is the first time Elder Castillo will have a companion for more than one transfer. And he and I are working really well together.
This week was one of the weeks where everything fell apart, appointments fell through, and it rained a lot as well. Frustration set in. Not necessarily with the work (but a little), but moreso with my self just not being as effective and dedicated as I need to be.
But it is moments like that these that we are given to really change ourselves, prove who we are, and act and become more like the Christ.

Elder Castillo and I had a lot of fun with it anyways, which is part of what makes a great companion. We have great gospel discussions and fun minigames we play while tracting. We went to Pau for district meeting which was great.

We had one really fun moment yesterday as we went and saw an ami in the area book that we had already passed 3 times, but this time they let us in and we had a fun time getting to know this retired couple and their children and their neighbors. What a cool opportunity. We sat and talked with them and drank orange juice with them on their backyard deck. Classic southern france. They were completely perplexed as to why we would leave our homes for two years to be "missionaries". But they just thought we were so cool anyways. Poor Elder McBeth who was with us for it because his comp left already, had an allergic reaction in the middle of all this and his right eye was swollen and juicy. He had about a millimeter of usage out of that eye. It was sad and funny. But he pushed through, classic Elder MCBeth, and just enjoyed the moment.(But dont worry Brother McBeth, he's fine now). The family quickly searched for some allergy medicine to help him out. These people we had never met just let us in to chat and have a good time. They admitted that it wasn't very french to do that. But they aren't your average french family. Jean Paul, the husband and dad, is just great and the only one of the group with good potential. Really funny, open, and the only member of his family that believes in God. He is retired military, we are planning on going back and seeing him this week.
So it continues. Really exciting though, We will be getting to hear from Elder Andersen of the 12 and Elder Kearon of the 70 in 2 weeks!!! The entire mission will be going by bus to Nice. It will be cool to go back to where it all started.

I love you all! Make it a great week!

Beaucoup d'amour,

Elder Montgomery
District meeting in Pau!

A few pics of downtown Pau

A few pics of downtown Pau

A few pics of downtown Pau

One of the longest shopping strips in France- The Ste. Catherine