The Gospel is the best .... January 27, 2014

Ma chere famille,

The week has been so cool!

We saw so many miracles, and got a chance to meet almost all the ward.  Let me start off by saying how wonderful the Gospel is. It is such a reality. It is true. It brings a peace and direction and happiness that we can find no where else.

We went to Lyon this week for Blues conference for Elder Ambursley and both he and I have been approved to start using the car here. Stick isnt too bad...although I'm still a bit nervous to drive here.
Elder Ambursley and I spent much of our week familiarizing ourselves with the area. We passed lots of members and taught a few miracle lessons.
On Tuesday, our first real day together, we were passing an old ami and we ran into an older Albanian man who was getting his second doctorate degree in history and he told us that he loved reading religious texts, and he said that if we could find a Book of Mormon in Albanian, hed love to have us over. We find one Albanian Book of Mormon in the apartment. We pass him two nights in a row but he's not home. (he lives in a really sketchy government apartment building). The third night we have about 45 minutes before we were going to the bishop's house for dinner, so we stop and start with a prayer to teach a lesson in that time. We contact a little bit, pass one old investigator who wasnt home, then pass our Albanian friend. Not only was he home, but his wife and two kids were home and he welcomed us right in and we taught the entire family about the Restoration. We aren't sure what will come of it. He is muslim by tradition but not practicing, and he told us he'd call us after he read, which was kind of a let down. But it is always a wonderful feeling to teach the Gospel to anyone who will receive us.

We have had a couple cool miracles like that this week actually. I wish i could share them all with you.

The ward is incredible. We average about 180 people at sacrament meeting each week. A large portion of them have served missions and its funny to see how many languages fly around at church on Sunday. We have tons of young men and young women and young adults. And the families love us as missionaries. A ward like this should really being seeing tons of success in missionary work. 
(yes, there is a very real correlation there)
We, the 4 elders, actually had a really cool experience yesterday. Yesterday was Ward Conference, and so the stake president and an Area 70 were there and both spoke. The Area 70 kinda chastised the ward for there lack of enthusiasm for missionary work. Just after wards the Area 70 (i never got his name) and the stake president met with us 4 missionaries up on the stand, alone. We talked for about 10 minutes about the potential this ward has but the All is well in Zion attitude that it holds.


The Stake president told us how he is certain that big things have been prepared for years to happen here in the coming months. There is a reason that the Lord is HASTENING his work. Now is the time that the "harvest" will be great. And while he was saying this to us, I almost had tears coming out, I was so happy. IT was incredible as the realization came over me that I would be a part of this. The Holy Ghost confirmed his words to me. There is a reason we have more missionaries now than we ever have, the Lord is starting something unparalleled in the history of the world. The Area 70 then laid out plans that he had for our ward and how he wanted us to be the ones to carry them out. He said that there are still many souls who are hungering and thirsting for the eternal truths of the Gospel, that are lost, that need the happiness and peace that the Gospel brings and that in the coming months many of these souls would be found. He reconfirmed the truth of the obedience brings us power. And that each day we need to be leaving our apartment feeling empowered to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was feeling excited, happy, and very much empowered after that. It was amazing.
I hope you all are doing well. I love seeing pictures of you! I love you so very much. My mission has made me appreciate you all a million times more.

The Gospel is the best. I love it!!!

Beaucoup d'amour,
Elder Montgomery
Elder Ambursley and me
Elder Crawley, Elder Einerson, moi-meme, et Elder A- the 4 gex elders
Here were some funny pics of Elder Wilson and me

Here were some funny pics of Elder Wilson and me

Here is the view from outside of our apartment window