Not Nice Enough! ..... September 9, 2013

It has been a great week!

We have seen some very incredible blessings!

Some highlights from the week:

  • We went to Lyon on Tuesday for legality. I am now legal in France for year. I now realize how big Lyon is.
  • There is this big event going on in Nice right now called Les Jeux de laFrancophonie...The french speaking games...where are all the frenchspeaking countries in the world gather and have competitions and stuff.  Quite cool. And the French President came to visit.
  • We found a gelato shop in old Nice that sells these ginormous ice cream cones for 5 euros...Needless to say theyve given us business cards to handout to friends, thats how many times we've gone.  Don't worry in Lyon we did some medical stuff and I learned that I weighed 71 kilos or about 156 pounds so I think Ive lost weight and have plenty ofroom for gelato.
  • We had stake conference yesterday and had a Seventy preside and his talkwas fantastic.
  • Just before stake conference we received a call from a man that had come to our ward building and asked us if we were holding church today. Apparently it was a man that we had contacted on the road during the week and we have a rendezvous with him this week.
  •  The lady I contacted in Lyon on my first day that I keep talking about now has a baptismal date later this month
Quick miracle I had this week. We were walking home from a mangez vous on monday and I hadnt talked to anyone on the street. And heck I'm a missionary what am I doing if I'm not talking to at least one new person each day about the gospel. As we walked home nobody seemed right, the advice President gave me about contacting was to be continually praying and "shopping" for people that the spirit impresses you to talk to. Well that was nobody and maybe that was my fear getting in the way but as I turned the corner to our street I said a prayer in my head just asking for one person to contact. I turned the corner... nothing. As we walk up to our door and open the gate to our apartment a man walks out of his door across the street and I look at him and say hello, he made fun of accent haha,...long story short  he is a free mason (Elder Uluave and I have been wanting to learn more about free masons anyways) so I asked him if there was a time that we could exchange beliefs this week. We set a time for tomorrow to go and get lunch together. Incredible miracle. Im really excited.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone. It turns the worst of lives into great lives and great lives into even greater lives. I know my Savior lives .

Beaucoup d'amour,

Elder Montgomery